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The Great Strange Nation Refund Offer of 2014


Hey, guys! Strange nation writer Paul Allor here, writing to you from beautiful Kokomo, Indiana.

Strange Nation is a book that Juan Romera and I are very proud of. A madcap story about a journalist who gets caught up in a conspiracy involving aliens, doomsday cults and UFO’s, the book has earned…

I’m offering a refund on Strange Nation #1 to anyone who doesn’t dig it. Because you will all dig it. Please spread the word!

Strange Nation #7 Preview


Strange Nation #7 is out now, and available on Comixology for a buck. And if you haven’t read any of Strange Nation yet, you can check out Issue #1 right now! What have you got to lose? (answer: 99 cents)
Here’s a three-page preview of today’s issue, in which Dr. Harris tries to save the world, Dr. Milo tries to stop him, and Norma and Jesse run away from an explosion without looking back, because they are total badasses, that’s what total badasses do.




Stop Me If

Stop Me If

I’m sitting in a plastic chair by a hospital bed
and the old man is dying.

I know what will happen to his body.
And his soul I’ll leave to people smarter than me.
But what about the rest? Where does it go?
His skill with small tools.
His lifelong devotion to shitty crime novels.
His ability to quote every stupid line
from every stupid movie he ever loved.
His recipe for the perfect waffle.
His ability to tell clementine from tangerine
with barely a glance.
His jokes. 

His jokes! The old man had
so many jokes.
With a practiced cadence
and a magician’s smile, he would
open the door to a world filled with
men and women and chickens and
cavemen and goat fuckers and farmers
and doctors and lawyers and
where the fuck does all that go?

And as I try to puzzle this out, I realize that
the Old Man is awake. Not just awake. He’s speaking to me.
I lean in close to capture the final words he’ll ever say.
Through furnace-hot breath, through desert-dry lips
he whispers: “A priest. A minister. And a rabbi…
"Are in a boat…"
And then he’s done.

I can’t help but think about that priest. That minister. That rabbi.
Does it shake their faith? After a lifetime of belief, of devotion and dedication, 
does it shake their faith? Does it shatter their will? To find themselves

Stranded and desperate.
Scared and disoriented.
Lost and alone.

Drifting forever in a tiny boat.
In a pool of blue water.
At the back of my mind.



Paul Allor wrote one of my favorite recent small press comics, the wonderful ORC GIRL.  Because I know very little about Self-Publishing, I asked friends who have been successful at it for their honest tips, and Paul’s encouraging but sobering words here are absolutely essential. Thanks, Paul!


Okay, let’s get this out of the way up-front: the subtitle of this post should be “Self-Publishing Advice from a Guy Who’s Lost a Whole Lot of Money Self-Publishing.” If you want to know how to self-publish your comics in an economically viable, financially sustainable way, I’m not your guy. Because frankly, I think that’s nearly impossible, unless you’re an established creator (or a wizard!).

But if you’re looking to self-publish as a way to get your work out there, and start to build a career, then we can talk. I’m going to assume that you already have a script, and the creative team is assembled, and everything is awesome. I’m also assuming that you’re interested in a print comic, not just something web-based. Here are a few (woefully incomplete) thoughts on where you go from there.

Read More

Advice! From me! To you! And check out the rest of this tumblr. Tons of amazing posts on here.




・IDW Trutles TPB vol.1読んだ ラファエロだけミュータント時に他の皆とはぐれて記憶喪失で自分の名前も知らぬまま1年間ホームレス生活とか、IDWほんと公式が最大手すぎて何もやる事がないなと思った

・BOTCONうらやましすぎ死ぬ BOTCON!!!!!!!! I…. I… I’ll go to botcon next year…  I wish I can….

・Turtle in Time かわいすぎて死んだ

I certainly look forward to Turtle in Time

First time someone’s ever done fan-art for one of my books. This is pretty much the coolest thing ever.

C2E2 Panel Schedule

So, I will be at C2E2 this weekend! Per usual, I won’t have a table, but will be walking around and cracking wise and being awesome. I hope to see all you lovely, beautiful people.

I’ll also be on some panels. Schedule:


Breaking Into Comics and Staying In!
Date: Friday, April 25
Time: 11:30 AM — 12:30 PM
Location: S401AB
Speakers: Andy SchmidtRobert AtkinsPaul AllorJoshua WilliamsonKyle HigginsC.B. Cebulski,Scott Allie

With the shifting landscape of the comics industry, this is your INVALUABLE guide to breaking into the comics industry. Join Comics Experience founder Andy Schmidt, with writers Josh Williamson, Kyle Higgins, Paul Allor, artist Robert Atkins and Marvel VP CB Cebulski for the best panel on breaking in ever!

Pitch Perfect: Crafting a Comic Book and Media Pitch that Sells!
Date: Friday, April 25
Time: 1:45 PM — 2:45 PM
Location: S404AB
Speakers: Andy SchmidtJoshua WilliamsonKyle Higgins,Paul AllorJim Gibbons

You’ve got a great story to tell that has great media potential. But you have to get it down to a page? Impossible! Join experienced editors and writers of multiple media, Josh Williamson, Joshua Hale Fialkov, Kyle Higgins, and Andy Schmidt for pro-tips on how to create pitches that sell!


The Moving Target: What Publishers Want and How to Give it to Them
Date: Saturday, April 26
Time: 3:00 PM — 4:00 PM
Location: S404AB
Speakers: Andy SchmidtJoshua WilliamsonMike PerkinsJoshua Hale FialkovPaul Allor, and Jim Gibbons

Get your project Green-Lit! What is it you need to improve, change, rethink? Join Comics Experience founder Andy Schmidt, comics pros Joshua Fialkov (The Ultimates), Josh Williamson (Ghosted), and Mike Perkins (Captain America) and get the inside scoop that helps improve your chances of getting accepted in just one hour!


Won’t give away too much, but I’m working on a comic with the ever so sublime Paul Allor, and it’s sincerely written, full of POC, and is really quite charming. It’s gonna be rad, and I’m really honored to be a part of it.
This is a face I liked from a panel. Nappy hair is fun to draw!

Irene is awesome. Having a blast on this comic.


Won’t give away too much, but I’m working on a comic with the ever so sublime Paul Allor, and it’s sincerely written, full of POC, and is really quite charming. It’s gonna be rad, and I’m really honored to be a part of it.

This is a face I liked from a panel. Nappy hair is fun to draw!

Irene is awesome. Having a blast on this comic.

Orc Girl is back in print!

ORC GIRL, my one-shot comic with artist Thomas Boatwright, is back in print for the first time in a year! You can purchase it at the Challenger Comics web store, or get a DRM-free .pdf version for just $1.

Below is a roundup of some (super lovely and very humbling) praise for the book, followed by a few preview pages. 

"I didn’t even know I could love an orc untl I read Paul Allor’s Orc Girl. Funny, charming, bittersweet, and moving, I found myself dreading the end and demanding a sequel at the same time. Absolutely lovely in story and art, a perfect little comic, realized brilliantly."
— Gail Simone

"Paul Allor and Thomas Boatwright’s Orc Girl checks all the boxes for things I not only love, but ache for in fiction – non-traditional leads,  surprising coming of age stories, strong female lead characters, stereotype busting, beautiful atypical art, and smart lovely writing. But sometimes creators forget that checking those boxes – whether for political correctness or passion – doesn’t make something good. It still has to be good. Orc Girl is GOOD.”
— Kelly Thompson, Comic Book Resources

"(Orc Girl) is not just a delightful coming of age tale, but the latest effort from a creator you definitely want to watch."
— Paul Montgomery, iFanboy 

"An understated but emotional story… it all builds up to a delicate and heartbreaking conclusion."
— Michelle White, Multiversity

"Boatwright is able to skillfully convey a great deal of emotion through subtle shifts in lighting and  the facial expressions of his characters alleviating Allor from having to tell readers how Fern and the other characters are feeling—hallmarks of smart graphic storytelling."
— Forrest Helvie, NerdSpan

"A beautifully told fantasy tale. It has a great sense of wonder, youth and vigour to it and it just tugs at the heartstrings."
— Dan Hill

"Paul Allor strikes gold again with a poignant, heartfelt story about the loss of innocence and how the world can crush your idealism simply by letting life get in the way, all dressed up as a fairy tale about friendly orcs. Thomas Boatwright’s cute visuals pack a surprising amount of emotional wallop, and Allor continues to mark himself out as a breakout-writer in waiting."
— John Lees, ComixTribe







Turtles in Time available for pre-order now!

You know what to do with this.

… wait, actually, you might not. Fill this out and take it to your local comic shop to reserve a copy of Turtles in Time #1!

If you’re new to comics and you have any questions about pre-ordering Turtles in Time, or any other comic, drop me a line and I’ll be happy to help you out.

ECCC “Schedule” - and ORC GIRL back in print

Hey, all! I just wanted to announce my highly-anticipated Emerald City Comic Con schedule. Drumroll, please…

SATURDAY, 2-3 p.m.

Signing at Selling at the Monkeybrain Comics booth, JJ-22

And… that’s it! But the super-exciting thing is that ORC GIRL, my critically acclaimed one-shot with artist Thomas Boatwright, is back in print, and will be available at ECCC, only during that one hour. I will also have copies of Clockwork, my short-comic collection with various artists.

Other than that, I’ll be walking around the floor, cracking wise. And I’ll be at some of the super-fashionable parties, because I am a super-fashionable person.

See you there!